Hon.George Onyango Oloo

County Assembly Speaker

Your Excellency the Governor, Hon. Members of the Second Assembly, Political Party Representatives, Press, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.

In the first place I thank the Almighty God for the great favour He has reposed in me. I thank the entire leadership of my party including the Party Leader and MCAs for their support. I also have to thank the staff for guiding the House up to this time. Their priceless guidance will be valued in future.

It is a great honour to be elected as Speaker of this Honourable House. I see my presence here as a home ...

Hon. Roy Samo

Chair -Liaison Committee

Hon.Kenneth O. Onyango

MCA -Miwani Ward & Majority Leader

Hon.Gard Olima

Majority Whip

Hon.Agola Erick Otieno

MCA South West Kisumu Ward

Hon.Samson A. Omondi

MCA North-Seme Ward

Hon.David A. Onyango

MCA Railways-Ward

Hon.Steve Owiti

MCA Kolwa-East-Ward

Hon.Joseph Olale

MCA Nyalenda B word

Hon. Maurice Ngeta

Hon. Jagongo Vincent

MCA West Kisumu Ward

Hon.Seth Okumu

MCA East Seme Ward

Hon. Seth Kanga

MCA Market Milimani Ward

Hon. Julius Genga

MCA Muhoroni/Koru

Hon. Joakim Oketch

MCA Kondele Ward

Hon.Ageng’o Kennedy

MCA East Kano Wawidhi

Hon.Judith A. Ogaga

MCA Central Kisumu Ward

Hon. Victor Rodgers

MCA Migosi Ward

Hon. Philemon Ojuok

MCA Central Nyakach Ward

Hon. Oiko Pete

MCA Kabonyo Kanyagwal

Hon.Kennedy O. Ooko

MCA -Ahero Ward

Hon. Rashid Miruka

MCA North Nyakach Ward

Hon. Priscah Misachi

MCA Kaloleni/Shauri Moyo

Hon. Pamel Odhiambo

MCA Manyata B

Hon. Opondo Maureen

MCA Chemelil Ward

Hon. George Ogutu

MCA West Nyakach