Clerk and Staff of County Assembly

Visit the County Assembly of Kisumu

General Public Tours – Monday to Friday

No booking is required

Tours operate Monday to Friday throughout the year except on public holidays.

On days when the Assembly is not sitting, tours commence at the following times:

1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm

On days that the Assembly is sitting, one tour is available which commences at 2pm.

Tours commence from the visitor information area which is located on the floor of the house.

On sitting days, the public are also welcome to view Assembly in session from the Assembly public gallery.

Special Group Tours

Bookings essential

Special group tours, including schools, colleges and other large organization group bookings, operate Monday to Friday. The tours commence from the Assembly Annexe public entrance in City Hall Way Street. During the tour you will visit the Assembly or on sitting days the Assembly Gallery.

Book a Tour

Once a tour date and time has been organised you will need to send a confirmation letter, fax or email to:

PR Office

Kisumu County Assembly


During sitting days members of the public can view their assembly at work from the Assembly Chamber public gallery. For more information contact the PR office on

The public gallery of each House is where members of the public may sit to watch the activities of the Assembly. Although the galleries were originally identical, changes over the years to accommodate technology and changed work practices have resulted in some minor differences.

The Assembly gallery also accommodates Hansard, media, and official guests with areas reserved for each of these purposes.

Hansard reporters, who transcribe the reports of debate in the House, are located directly above the Speaker’s Chair. Also above the Speaker and to the right, is the Media Gallery where journalists report on the daily business of the House. To the left is where special guests of the Speaker, such as dignitaries and visiting parliamentarians, may sit to view assembly proceedings.