Committee Membership


1Administration of Law, justice and constitutional affairs and governace committte (ALJCAG)1Hon. Seth Okumu - Chairperson
2Hon. Beatrice Pamela Ochieng - Vice chairperson
3Hon. Erick Agola -member
4Hon.Paul Okiri -member
5Hon. Pst.David Arao-member
6Hon.Joachim Oketch -member
7Hon.Roy Samo -member
8Hon. Jacktone Ogendo -member
9Hon. Vitalis Otura - member
10Hon.Julius Genga - member
11Hon.Ken Ooko - member
12Hon.Caleb Omoro - member
13Hon. Sally Okudo - member
14Hon.Philemon Ojuok -member
15Hon. Johnson Guya - member
2Agriculture, livestock and Fisheries Committee (ALF)1Hon.Vitalis Otura - Chairperson
2Hon.Jennipher Obonyo - Vice Chairperson
3Hon. Samson Ameso - member
4Hon. Judith Ogaga - member
5Hon.Pst. David Arao - member
6Hon.Joseph Olale - member
7Hon.Aslam Khan - member
8Hon. Roy Samo - member
9Hon. Jane Manuche - member
10Hon.Maurice Otiang' - member
11Hon.Ken Ooko - member
12Hon. John Atieno - member
13Hon. Johnson Guya - member
14Hon. George Ogutu - member
15Hon.Kenneth Onyango - member
3County Budget and Appropriations Committee (B&A)1Hon. Steve Owiti - Chairperson
2Hon.Aslam Khan - Vice Chairperson
3Hon. Nancy Owiti - member
4Hon. Vincent Jagongo - member
5Hon. Paul Okiri - member
6Hon.Seth Kanga - member
7Hon. Joseph Olale - member
8Hon.Jacktone Ojwang' - member
9Hon.Kenneth Onyango - member
10Hon.Maurine Otiang' - member
11Hon.Benny Pete - member
12Hon.Johnson Guya - member
13Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
14Hon.Seth Okumu - member
15Hon. Joachim Oketch - member
4Co-operatives, Finance, Trade and Enterprises Committee (CFTE)1Hon. Paul Okiri - Chairperson
2Hon.Victor Rodgers - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Sally Okudo - member
4Hon.Samson Ameso - member
5Hon.Joachim Oketch -member
6Hon.Florence Olang'o - member
7Hon.Steve Owiti - member
8Hon.Julius Genga - member
9Hon.John Atieno - member
10Hon. Ken Agengo - member
11Hon.Judith Ogaga - member
12Hon.Vitalis Otura -member
13Hon.Rashid Miruka -member
14Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
15Hon.George Olwal - member
5Culture, children,Youth and Community services (CCYCS)1Hon.Rashid Miruka - Chairperson
2Hon.Olga Aoko ViceChairperson
3Hon.Jennipher Obonyo - member
4Hon. Florence Olang'o - member
5Hon.Beatrice Pamela - member
7Hon.Jacktone Ogendo - member
8Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - member
9Hon.Jane Mnuche - member
10Hon.Julius Genga - member
11Hon.Caren Muga -member
12Hon.Maurice Ngeta - member
13Hon. Caren Oguok - member
14Hon.Consolata Ollows member
15Hon.Vincent Jagongo - member
6County Delegated Legislation Committee (CDL)1Hon. Inviolete Adhiambo - Chairperson
2Hon.Gard Olima - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Seth Kanga - member
4Hon.Joseph Olale - member
5Hon.Aslam Khan - member
6Hon.George Olwal -member
7Hon.Vitalis Otura - member
8Hon. Olga Aoko -member
9Hon.Caren Oguok - member
10Hon.Vincent Jagongo - member
11Hon.Consalata Ollows - member
7ECD, and Vocational Training Committee (ECDVT)1Hon. Pst.David Arao - chairperson
2Hon.Judith Ogaga - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Consolata Ollows - member
4Hon. George Abaja - member
5Hon.Joseph Olale - memebr
6Hon.Inviolata Adhiambo - member
7Hon. Gard Olima - member
8Hon.George Olwal - member
9Hon.Kenneth Onyang - member
10Hon.Beatrice Pamela - member
11Hon.Maurice Ngeta - member
12Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
13Hon. Rashid Miruka - member
14Hon.Philemon Ojuok - member
15Hon. Ken Ooko - member
8Health, Services, Housing and Sanitation Committee (HSHS)1Hon. Vincent Jagongo - Chairperson
2Hon.John Atieno - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Nancy Owiti - member
4Hon.Seth Okumu - member
5Hon. Jennipher Obonyo - member
6Hon.Pst. David Arao - member
7Hon.Joachim Oketch - member
8Hon.Florence Olang'o -member
9Hon.Jacktone Ogendo - member
10Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - member
11Hon.Vitalis Otura - member
12Hon.Maurine Otiang' - member
13Hon.Olga Aoko - member
14Hon.Rashid Miruka - member
15Hon.Gard Olima - member
9Committee on Implementation (CI)1Hon. Habil Nyasuna - Chairperson
2Hon.Roy Samo - chairperson
3Hon.Inviolata Adhiambo - Vice Chairperson
4Hon.Aslam Khan - member
5Hon. Vincent Jagongo - memebr
6Hon.Steve Owiti - member
7Hon.Maurine Otiang' - member
8Hon.Sally Okudo - member
9Hon.Maurice Ngeta - member
10Hon. Caleb Omoro - member
11Hon. Philemon Ojuok - member
10Labour, welfare and Social Services Committee (LWSS)1Hon. Beatrice Odong - Chairperson
2Hon.Consolata Ollows - Vice Chairperson
3Hon. Vincent Jagongo - member
4Hon.Jennipher Obonyo - member
5Hon.Priscah Misachi -member
6Hon.Florence Olang'o - member
7Hon. Caren Muga - member
8Hon. Jacktone Ogendo - member
9Hon.Julius Genga -memebr
10Hon. Habil Nyasuna - member
11Hon.John Atieno -member
12Hon.Benny Pete - member
13Hon.Samson Ameso - member
14Hon. Johnson Guya - member
15Hon.Inviolata Adhiambo - member
11Liason Committee (LC)1Hon.Joachim Oketch - Chairperson
2Hon.Kenneth Onyango - Leader of Majority
3Hon.Priscah Misachi - Majority Whip
4Hon.Benny Oiko Pete - Leader of Minority
5Hon.Seth Okumu - member
6Hon.Vitalis Otura - member
7Hon.Steve Owiti member
8Hon.Paul Okiri - member
9Hon.Rashid Miruka - member
10Hon.Jacktone Ogendo - member
11Hon.Inviolata Adhiambo - member
12Hon.Pst. David Arao - member
13Hon.Vincent Jagongo - member
14Hon.Habil Nyasuna - member
15Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
16Maurine Otiang' -member
17George Olwal -member
18Hon.Ken Ooko - member
19Hon.Seth Kanga - member
20Hon.Caren Muga - member
21Hon.Sally Okudo - member
22Hon. Joseph Olale -member
23Hon.Samson Ameso - member
24Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - member
12Committee on PIC/PAC1Hon.Maurine Otiang' - Chairperson
2Hon.Julius Genga - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Paul Okiri - member
4Hon.Beatrice Pamela - member
5Hon.Roy Samo - member
6Hon.Nancy Owiti - member
7Hon.Seth Okumu - member
8Hon.Benny Pete - member
9Hon. John tieno - member
10Hon. Johnson Guya - member
13Planning , Industrialization and ICT Committee (PI& ICT)1Hon.George Olwal - Chairperson
2Hon.Nancy Owiti - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Jennipher Obonyo - member
4Hon.Priscah Misachi - member
5Hon.Victor Rodgers - member
6Hon.Joseph Olale - member
7Hon. George Abaja - member
8Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - member
9Hon. Habil Nyasuna - member
10Hon.Olga Aoko - member
11Hon.Kennedy Agengo - member
12Hon.Aslam Khan - member
13Hon. Johnson Guya - member
14Hon. George Ogutu - member
15Hon.Gard Olima - member
14Committee on Procedure and Rules (PR)1Hon.Ken Ooko - Chairperson
2Hon.Caren Muga - Vice Chairperson
3Hon. Priscah Misachi - member
4Hon.Inviolata Adhiambo - member
5Hon. Pamela Odhiambo - member
6Hon.Elisha Oraro - member
7Hon. Kenneth Onyango - member
8Hon.Benny Pete - member
9Hon.ken Agengo
10Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
11Hon.Seth Okumu - member
15Public Works, Roads and Transport Committee (PWRT)1Hon. Seth Kanga - Chairperson
2Hon. Johnson Guya - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Erick Agola - member
4Hon. George Abaja - Member
5Hon. David Arao - member
6Hon. Steve Owiti - member
7Hon.Jacktone Ogendo - member
8Hon. Kenneth Omyango - member
9Hon. Maurine Otiang' - members
10Hon.Habil Nyasuna - member
11Hon. Kennedy Agengo - member
12Hon. John Atieno - member
13Hon.Nancy Owiti - member
14Hon. Rashid Miruka - member
15Hon.Paul Okiri - member
16Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Committee (TWH)1Hon. Sally Okudo - Chairperson
2Hon. Florence Olang'o - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Jennipher Obonyo - member
4Hon.Vincent Jagongo - member
5Hon.Seth Kanga - member
6Hon. George Abaja - member
7Hon.Victor Rodgers - member
8Hon. Jane Manuche - member
9Hon.Caren Muga - member
10Hon.Caren Oguok - member
11Hon. Maurice Ngeta - member
12Hon.Caleb moro - member
13Hon.George Ogutu - member
14Hon.Gard Olima - member
15Hon. Consolata Ollows - member
17Committee on Ward Development Fund (WDF)1Hon. Joseph Olale - Chairperson
2Hon. George Ogutu - Vice Chairperson
3Hon. Erick Agola - member
4Hon. Judith Ogaga - member
5Hon.Samson Ameso - member
6Hon. Victor Rodgers - member
7Hon.Aslam Khan - member
8Hon. Florence Olang'o - member
9Hon.Jane Manuche - member
10Hon.Habil Nyasuna - member
11Hon. Olga Aoko - member
12Hon. Kennedy Ooko - member
13Hon. Caren Oguok - member
14Hon. George Abaja - member
15Hon. Ken Agengo - member
18House Power and Privileges Committee (HPP)1Hon.Elisha Jack Oraro - Chairperson
2Hon.Benny Pete - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Priscah Misachi - member
4Hon. Beatrice Pamela - member
5Hon. Florence Olang'o - member
6Hon. Jacktone Ogendo - member
7Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - member
8Hon.George Olwal - member
9Hon.Caren Muga - member
10Hon. Kenneth Onyango - member
11Hon.Seth Okumu - member
12Hon.Ken Agengo - Member
13Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
19Committee on Selection (CS)1Hon.Kenneth Onyango - chairperson
2Hon.Priscah Misachi - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Consolata Ollows - member
4Hon.Nancy Owiti - member
5Hon.Paul Okiri - member
6Hon. Erick Agolla - member
7Hon.Pst. David Arao - member
8Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - member
9Hon. Habil Nyasuna - member
10Hon. Ken Ooko - member
11Hon.Ken Ageng'o - member
12Hon.Rashid Miruka - member
20Welfare and Equal Opportunities (WEO)1Hon.Pamela Odhiambo - Chairperson
2Hon.Maurice Ngeta - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Sally Okudo - member
4Hon.Judith Ogaga - member
5Hon. Joachim Oketch - member
6Hon. Victor Rodgers - member
7Hon. George Abaja - member
8Hon.Julius Genga - member
9Hon.Olga Aoko - member
10Hon. Ken Ooko - member
11Hon.Priscah Misachi - member
12Hon.Caleb Omoro - member
13Hon. George Ogutu - member
14Hon.Philemon Ojuok - member
15Hon. Caren Oguok - member
21Appointment Committee1The Speaker (Hon.Elisha Oraro) - Chairperson
2Hon.George Abaja - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Aslam Khan - member
4Hon. Joachim Oketch - member
5Hon.Jane Manuche - member
6Hon.Kenneth Onyango - member
7Hon.Benny Pete - member
8Hon.Caleb Omoro - member
9Hon.Beatrice Odongo - member
10Hon.Erick Agola - member
11Hon.Nancy Owiti - member
22House Business Committee1The Speaker (Hon. Elisha Oraro) - Chairperson
2Hon.Joachim Oketch - Vice Chairperson
3Hon.Kenneth Onyango - member
4Hon.Priscah Misachi - member
5Hon.Vitalis Otura - member
6Hon.Benny Pete - member
7Hon.Rashid Miruka - member
8Hon.Steve Owiti - member
9Hon. Seth Kanag - member
10Hon.Caren Muga - member
11Hon. Jennipher Obonyo - member