Latest from the Assembly

The Kisumu County Assembly has 28 Proposed Committees as set out in the Standing Orders namely:

  1. Committee of the Whole House
  2. County Assembly Business Committee
  3. Speakers Panel
  4. Selection Panel
  5. House Priviledge Committee
  6. House Procedures and Rules
  7. Committee on Appointment
  8. County PIC/PAC
  9. County Budget Committee
  10. Liaison Committee
  11. Implementation Committee
  12. Delegated County Legislation Committee
  13. Welfare and Equal Opportunities Committee
  14. Health Services Committee
  15. Agriculture and Environmental Management Committee
  16. Water, Energy and Sanitation Committee
  17. Planning, Housing and Industrialization Development Committee
  18. ECD, Vocational Training and Adult Education Committee
  19. Children, Gender, Culture and Community Services Committee
  20. Public Works, Roads and Transport Committee
  21. Labour and Social Welfare Committee
  22. Justice and Legal Affairs Committee
  23. Trade, Cooperative and Enterprises Development Committee
  24. Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Committee
  25. ICT and eGovernance Committee
  26. Administration and Security Committee
  27. Fisheries, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee
  28. Finance Committee

About Us

The County Assembly of Kisumu has 49 representatives, 35 elected from the County Assembly Wards and 14 nominated members.

The Kisumu County Assembly is established as in Article 176 of the Constitution establishes the County Assembly which shall consist of members elected by the registered voters of the wards.