Hon. Elisha Jack Oraro

Speaker of the County Assembly

Speaker of the Assembly

The Speaker is the principal office holder in the Assembly. He or she is the House's representative or spokesperson and chairs its meetings. The Speaker is elected from among the 48 Members of the House and is usually a person of considerable parliamentary experience. He oversees various legislation in the House. Electing a Speaker is the first thing that the House does when it meets for the first time after a general election or when the seat falls vacant.


Hon. Joakim Oketch

MCA- Kondele Ward

Chair Liaison Committee

Hon.Kenneth O. Onyango

MCA -Miwani Ward

Chair,Committee on Selection

Majority Leader

Hon.Prisca Misachi

MCA -Kaloleni/Shauri Moyo Ward

Vice Chair,Committee on Selection

Majority Whip

Hon.Oiko Pete

MCA Kabonyo/Kanyagwal Ward

Vice Chair, House Powers and Privileges Committee

Minority Leader

Hon.Samson A. Omondi

MCA North-Seme Ward

Chair,Water,Environment and Natural Resources

Hon.Steve Owiti

MCA Kolwa East Ward

Chair County Budget and appropriations Committee

Hon. Roy Samo

MCA Kajulu ward

Vice Chair,Committee on Implementation

Hon.Joseph Olale

MCA Nyalenda B ward

Chair,Committee on Ward development Fund

Hon. Maurice Ngeta

MCA Awasi/Onjiko Ward

Vice Chair,Welfare and Equal opportunity Committee

Hon.Kennedy O. Ooko

MCA Ahero Ward

Chair,Committee on Procedure and Rules

Hon. Vitalis Otura

MCA Ombeyi Ward

Chair,Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Committee

Hon. Agola Erick Otieno

MCA South West Kisumu

Vice Chair,Water,Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Hon. Okudo Sally

MCA Central Seme

Chair,Tourism,Wildlife and Heritage Committee

Hon. Philemon Ojuok

MCA Central Nyakach Ward

Hon.Judith A. Ogaga

MCA Central Kisumu Ward

Vice Chair ECD, Vocational Training Committee

Hon. Johnson Guya

South East Nyakach Ward


Vice Chair, Public Works, Roads and Transport Committee

Hon.Ageng’o Kennedy

MCA East Kano/Wawidhi Ward

Hon. Julius Genga

MCA Muhoroni/Koru Ward

Vice Chair, Committee on PIC/PAC

Hon. Habil Nyasuna

MCA Masogo/Nyangoma

Chair, Committee on Implementation

Hon. Seth Kanga

MCA Market Milimani Ward

Chair, Public Works,Roads and Transport Committee

Hon.Seth Okumu

MCA East Seme Ward

Chair,Administration of Law, Justice and Constitutional and Governance Committee

Hon. Victor Rodgers

MCA Migosi Ward

Vice Chair,Cooperatives,Finance,Trade and Enterprises Committee

Hon. Rashid Miruka

MCA North Nyakach Ward

Chair,Culture ,Children,Youth and Community Services

Hon. Gard Olima

MCA South West Nyakach

Vice Chair, County Delegated Legislation Committee

Hon. Pamela Odhiambo

MCA Manyata B

Chair, Welfare and equal Opportunities

Hon. George Ogutu

MCA West Nyakach Ward

Vice Chair, Committee on Ward Development Fund

Hon. Opondo Maureen

MCA Chemelil/Tamu Ward

Chair, Committee on PIC/PAC

Hon. John A. Atieno

MCA Kobura Ward

Vice Chair, Health Services, Housing and Sanitation Committee

Hon. George Omondi Olwal

MCA Kolwa Central

Chair, Planning, Industrialization and ICT

Hon.Vincent Jagongo

MCA North West Kisumu Ward

Chair,Health Services, Housing and Sanitation Committee

Hon. Paul Okiri

MCA West Kisumu Ward

Chair,Cooperatives, Finance,Trade and Enterprises Committee

Hon.David O. Arao

MCA Railways Ward

Chair ECD,Vocational Training Committee

Hon. Jacktone Ojwang Ogendo

MCA Nyalenda A

Deputy Majority Leader