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Hon. Paul Odhiambo Okiri

Title:   MCA

Member of County Assembly

Vice Chairperson,Committee on PIC/PAC

  1. Administration of Law, Justice, Constitutional Affairs and Governance
  2. Co-operative, Finance, Trade and Enterprise
  3. ECD, Adult Education and Training
  4. Planning, Industrialization and ICT
  5. Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries
  6. Housing,Health and Sanitation
  7. Standing Committee on Labour and Social Welfare
  8. House Powers and Priviledges Committee
  9. General Oversight Committee
Constituency:    Kisumu West
Ward:    West Kisumu Ward
Type:    Elected
Status:   Current


Hon. Paul Odhiambo Okiri is a Member of the County Assembly.

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The County Assembly of Kisumu has 49 representatives, 35 elected from the County Assembly Wards and 14 nominated members.

The Kisumu County Assembly is established as in Article 176 of the Constitution establishes the County Assembly which shall consist of members elected by the registered voters of the wards.