Honorable Members, the Clerk of the County Assembly, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen; Let take this opportunity to thank God for congregating us here as one family of Kisumu County to do that what gives glory to his name and advance the cause of his people, the electorate of Kisumu County.Two, allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate all the members of this honorable house. You are here courtesy of the confidence of the people of this great county whom you have today taken an oath to serve unreservedly. Further, you being here is testament to your unfailing loyalty to our great party ODM which has given you the mandate to serve her people in this August House.My heart goes out to our people out there with bleeding hearts for the deferred dream. Yes, but the good book reminds us to grieve like a people with hope. And in deed hope we harbor.Honorable Members; I am deeply honored by the confidence you have bestowed upon me by electing me to serve as your Speaker in the Third County Assembly of Kisumu. Having chosen me from a list of other Three (3) exceptionally outstanding citizens of this County who had expressed interest in the same seat is something I don’t take for granted.Special recognition and gratitude goes to my brother Wakili Amonde, who for the love of the unity of this house and by extension this county, graciously stepped down in my favour. Let me take this opportunity to also congratulate my colleagues who took their time to place their resumes before you for consideration of this noble responsibility. I am convicted that there is no winner and loser in this exercise but that Kisumu has once again proven that it has at its disposal sons and daughters who have the breath of this great county at heart and I believe that we shall be calling upon their collective strengths from time to time as we steer this great county to greater heights – together.All these are actions that in humility I attribute to God for the advancement of the greater good of the people of Kisumu County, who from today become our collective masters. Honorable Members; as we set on this journey, I reserve the words of the 1964 Nobel peace prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King: “I come as a trustee for in the depth of my heart, I am aware that this election is more than an honor to me personally. As I uphold my reserved statement in enthusiasm to serve you as Speaker, I solemnly affirm that I will perform my functions in this House with diligence, dignity and honor. I will discharge my duties with the high degree of efficiency and impartiality; I will to the best of my ability, respect and uphold the Constitution assigned to this House.I submit myself to the will of this House and assure you that I will strive to be accessible to every Member and ensure that we work together for the well-being of this great County of Kisumu. Honorable members; The people of Kisumu have assigned to us a huge responsibility. We must safeguard public trust by conducting our work with integrity and in a manner that brings order and dignity to the County. These are legal and moral obligations enshrined in the constitution, Public Officer Ethics Act, Leadership and Integrity Act, and the County Assembly’s Powers and Privileges Act, 2017. Of great importance, honorable members, is the need to observe that the Parliamentary Privileges and Powers Act prescribes a code of conduct for all members of parliament and County assemblies at large. The purpose of the code is to create public trust and confidence in the members of Parliament and the County assemblies and to protect the integrity of this legislative organ. We all undertook to abide by the code and this should be our point of reference in discharging our respective duties and responsibilities. Honorable members, further, we communally have a huge responsibility to serve all citizens of Kisumu and to continuously seek to address their aspirations. We are called upon to exercise the sovereign power of the people through legislation, representation, oversight of state officers and state organs and the deliberation of the various issues of concern to the people of this great County. In undertaking these noble responsibilities, we must be guided by the values of good governance, democracy, patriotism, national unity, inclusivity as well as the broad spectrum of national values and principles of governance enshrined in the constitution. As political leaders, we must dedicate ourselves to serve the County and national interests and advance the common good. Adversarial politics only serves to undermine public confidence in our institutions. Let us promote, embrace, enhance and commit to serve the public in the spirit of integration and reconciliation. The priority of this House is to consolidate the achievements enshrined in the Constitution and to seek progress. Mindful of the words of Winston Churchill who emphasized that if we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future. In this regard, I encourage this House to embrace collegiality, fellowship, mutual and reciprocal respect when conducting all its proceedings. Let us be the agents that promote unity and advancement of this indivisible County. Let us understand our responsibilities in a dynamic and proactive manner and for the sake of the people of Kisumu and Kenya at large. Let the words of the 28th president of the United States of America, Woodraw Wilson, continuously echo in our minds: You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enrich the world and you impoverish yourselves if you forget the errand. Honorable members, it is my view that this House should seek to consolidate the gains made by its predecessor, the Second Assembly. Honorable members, may we live to fulfill a legacy. A legacy that consolidates our democratic gains and brings transformation as we launch this County towards a trajectory of steady economic growth, social and political development. Honorable members, I am proud to preside over the one institution that manifests the diversity of the County; represents the will of the people and exercises their sovereignty. Let our diversity enhance and enrich all our deliberations. I look forward to working together with all of you in discharging that mandate. Together we can make our County proud. Finally, I commend the Clerk of the County Assembly, Mr. Owen Ojuok, and all the staff of the County Assembly for the manner in which they have conducted this process; including the pre-swearing in sessions. I request you to continue facilitating the Honorable members with this elevated degree of proficiency, professionalism and impartiality. In conclusion; I want to thank my family for sharing my dreams and aspirations and always standing by me. Your support through the years has been invaluable. I equally thank my party ODM and the entire leadership of the party for the trust it has in me to steer this Honorable House for the next five years.We are all standing at the cusp of history for we shall be remembered for having played a critical role in steering this bastion of the Luo renaissance at the hour of need.Asanteni sana. God bless Kisumu County Assembly and the people of Kisumu at large. Thank you.